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Women in Real Estate - Melissa Beck Gore


Melissa Beck-Gore of Exchange Solutions: Honesty, caring and courtesy give us an edge.

In 1995 I started working for a major underwriter in its real estate tax division, and was first introduced to the real property industry. I always knew customer service was my forte, however, real estate became my new interest as I investigated real estate tax claims and resolved many issues for the company. Since I was in the Claims Department, naturally, most of my clients were upset, but I realized that I had the ability to calm them down and usually turned negative situations into positive ones. Although the resolutions were worked with financial institutions, state and local taxing authorities, the taxpayer needed to be satisfied with these investigations as well, whether or not it was a victory or a loss. Eventually, I introduced a training course to teach new employees how to speak with clients, what questions to ask while keeping a positive approach to a possibly negative situation.

After a few years, I wanted to be on a more positive side of the industry so I transferred over to the title insurance division. It was more appealing working with customers, brokers and attorneys whose clients were excited to become first time homeowners and investors of commercial and/or residential property.

I began working with Diane Schaefer, who headed the IRC 1031 Division of the title company. I admired her for being a career oriented, young woman in management for a leading underwriter. Diane was my manager and quickly became my mentor. She took me under her wing and taught me about title insurance, tax-deferred exchanges, career goals and professionalism. Diane was not threatened to impart knowledge; she wanted me to learn, grow and become more confident and strong in the industry. I took advantage of all she had to offer and along with my own qualities and customer oriented traits; I became a successful businesswoman.

After four years of exclusively working with tax-deferred exchanges, including structuring deals, coordinating sale and purchase closings, funding millions of dollars each year, I grew my own client base. Taxpayers, attorneys and tax advisors learned to trust me to complete their deals securely and get the job done efficiently to deliver the asset preservation and equity growth the taxpayer seeks. I became Assistant Vice President of the exchange company and my reputation for customer service expanded to many new clients. I speak with clients the way I expect a person to speak with me, that’s the key to my success. Every deal is treated with the utmost importance whether it is $250,000 or $250,000,000. I listen to what the clients say, explain procedures and implications of IRC 1031 to taxpayers, attorneys and accountants. I find that if you respect the client, the client will respect you and be more than happy to work with you again in the future.

Since the beginning of this year, Diane and I have formed a successful exchange company, Exchange Solutions, Inc. It acts as a qualified intermediary exclusively handling forward, reverse and construction exchanges for both real and personal property. Our clients have been more than supportive in our new endeavor and business has been booming. All of our clients commend us on our courage to leave the security of a large company to become entrepreneurs. I encourage young women in the real estate industry to be enthusiastic about their careers. Seek out a professional you can trust in your line of work to teach and guide you to grow to become proficient in your field.

We have been trustworthy and faithful to our clients in the past and they have shown their loyalty and gratitude toward us and Exchange Solutions, Inc. It is not only our knowledge of exchanges and competitive edge that entices people to work with us; it is honesty, caring, courtesy and trustworthiness. These are the keys to my personal success as well as the success of Exchange Solutions, Inc.

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